Make it a Merry Mollyday!

Have you met Molly?


If you have ever been to Garage Gym 702 or to Crossfit Las Vegas on a Saturday then you have met the bundle of love and fun that we named Molly and if you have met her then you know how amazing she is.

Molly came into our lives because of the work of Lara Mirkovich and the rescue group Little Friends Foundation. We cannot begin to thank them enough for taking our girl out of the shelter and saving her life. As it turns out, Little Friends is as special a rescue group as Molly is a dog, they help fund no cost spay and neuter programs for families that can’t get their pups spayed or neutered, they are a no-kill rescue run mostly on the power of volunteers and donations.

This holiday season, Wendy and I and Garage Gym 702 would like to help Little Friends help rescue more dogs and make the ones that are waiting for their forever homes more comfortable. Below you will find a list of needs posted by Little Friends Foundation on Amazon.  You of course do not have to purchase from Amazon, this was just the easiest way to post the list. We would like to help them fill this list to the best of our abilities by collecting donations of goods through Dec 31st. Won’t you please help us help Little Friends have an amazing start to the new year by dropping your donations off at Garage Gym 702 or at Crossfit Las Vegas? Just leave a note that your donations are for Little Friends Foundation and we will be happy to collect them and deliver them.

Donate in the name of Molly! I am sure she will save a special kiss or nuzzle for you or maybe even give you a happy growl! From us to you thank you and Happy Holidays.


About Garage Gym 702

Garage Gym 702 is about a group of dedicated athletes who cross age and ability barriers, show up, support one another and do work. Goals are wellness and longevity, side benefits are community, friendship and love. I am a lifelong athlete and adventurer. SFG Kettlebell Coach, Crossfitter and Cyclist. Likes to swing,press and carry kettlebells. We refuse to get "old" grow-up and stop having fun. View all posts by Garage Gym 702

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