Small business grant and Garage Gym 702, LLC

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Small business grant opportunity.

A vote for us means a vote for you! Especially if you work out here. But even if you don’t work out here a vote for us means a vote for a Las Vegas based Made in America business.


What we’ve been up too.

We know, we know its been a long time between posts. All is well here in the world of Garage Gym 702, we have been travelling, training and travelling to train.

We would like to thank our friends over at Crossfit Las Vegas, for hosting both our Paleo Primer seminar and our Rowing Clinic, as both gyms continue to grow it is one of my greatest pleasures as a coach to be able to continue our mutually beneficial roles at home, here at GG702, and on the west side of the strip at CFLV.


Happy St. Puketricks Day!!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day everyone! May the road rise up to meet you and the wind be ever at your back. If your not trying 12.4 today you might want to check out our little irish jig, written just for you by a viking irish lass.


Wendler Deadlift 5/3/1


3 Rounds

17 kcal on rower

17 swings

17 burpees


The Core of the matter

10 rounds for time of:

10 jumping squats
10 russian twists 
150 meter run


3 minutes accumulated in plank hold



An Old friend

3 individually timed rounds

2000m Row, rest 5 minutes between each round


We Love Visitors!!

We want to give a shout out and a thank you to Brittany and Charlie for joining us in the Garage tonight!! We love visitors, so if your ever in Las Vegas come by for a workout!! You can contact us at

Deadlift 5-3-1



4 rounds

15 D-ball slams

10 Ring Rows

10 Pushups

15 Sit-ups


My Bloody Valentine


as individuals

14 minutes amrap

14 pushups

14 weighted- stepups

14 wall balls

rest 5 minutes 


Partner WOD

2 rounds

700m run

14 air squats

14 ring rows

14 situps

14 heavy kb swings

14 mountain climbers

14 dball slams

14 lunges each leg

700m Run

One partner must always be in motion and the runs must be split evenly.